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Privacy Policy

xxx. (hereinafter referred to as “we” or the “Company”) considers it an important part of our corporate social responsibility to suitably protect those information of our users (including members, membership applicants and viewers of our Website (defined below)) which may be used to identify them as individuals. Accordingly, we will collect, use and provide or disclose to other third parties our users’ personal information pursuant to the “Privacy Policy” outlined below. When you are using our “xxx” website  (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”), it is important for you to read the Privacy Policy carefully before consenting to the terms and conditions set forth therein. If you are unable to provide your consent, you may not access or use the services of the Website.

Please note that “xxx,” as used under this Privacy Policy, refers to the international social shopping service which the Company operates under the Website. 

User Information

“User Information” means information by which an individual user can be identified, and includes the following information of such user:

Name, login ID, password, access nickname, home address, e-mail address, telephone number, credit card number and other credit card related information, bank account number, official personal identification records of the user (such as notarized signature certificates, company statements etc.), which has been registered with the Website (originally or subsequently via a request for amendment) or which has otherwise been made available to us by the user him/herself;

Service usage details and history of the user, including service contents used, dates and times of such use, frequency of such use and other details thereof; and

Information concerning settlement of charges in relation to usage of the Website by the user.

Collection of User Information

We may collect User Information of users using the Website in the following manner:

Collection through the Website :

User Information entered into the Website by a user

Collection through e-mail, post, documents, telephone and other methods :

User provided to us by a user through e-mail, post, documents, telephone and other methods

Collection through e-mail sent to users :

If the e-mail software used by a user is equipped with functions to confirm the arrival and opening of e-mail, we may receive and record information on arrival and opening of our sent e-mails through such software. If a user does not approve this, he/she should turn off such function in the software, or use another e-mail software without such functionality.

Collection of information relating to user access to the Website :

We may collect the history and other details regarding the use of services of the Website by a user, including information on URL, type of internet browser or mobile phone used to access the Website, IP addresses and other similar information.

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